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Vitiligo Fast Facts

  • Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder and not merely a “cosmetic” problem.

  • Vitiligo affects the immune system which then affects the skin, resulting in white patches.

  • 70 million people across the world have vitiligo.

  • There are no boundaries of race, ethnicity or gender.

  • Anyone—children and adults representing all ethnicities— can get vitiligo at any time.

  • 20-35% of patients are children.

  • Nearly 1% of the population is affected.

  • Vitiligo is NOT contagious.

  • Vitiligo is difficult to hide. This disease is misunderstood and the isolation people with vitiligo feel can be crippling.

  • Psychologically devastating, many patients feel isolated and devastated by its impact on their relationships and personal and professional lives.

  • There is no known cure.

  • There is very little research funding for vitiligo to better understand the disease and develop new treatments.

  • Many of the currently available treatments are not covered by insurance.

  • Various treatments, including topical creams and light therapy, can help some patients.

  • More treatments and research are needed.

“Vitiligo is a white patch that affects the soul.”

-Dr. Iltefat Hamzavi

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