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Our Favorite Books About Vitiligo for Children

If you are the parent of a child with vitiligo, you understand that it can be a challenging path to navigate at times, as the condition is often associated with depression, social isolation, low-self esteem, and a tendency to be bullied. This is why books geared toward children with vitiligo are important to help foster understanding, acceptance, and confidence. Not only are these books helpful in letting your child know that they are not alone, but the stories are also a wonderful educational resource for friends, family, classmates, and teachers.

Here are ten books that explore the world of vitiligo in positive, affirming, and often playful ways to help you and your child celebrate their uniqueness.

My Spots

by Theresa Garee

With simplicity and color, this is the story of Nakota, who explores how vitiligo makes her feel and imagines herself as animals who have spots on themselves. Helping children with vitiligo understand their value and place in the world, this is a book that has a wonderful message of acceptance.

Ages: 2-5

Super Spots

by Nakeyia Jones

Nia is unstoppable. Over the summer, she discovered she has vitiligo but won’t let that curb the joy of becoming a second grader. With pastel illustrations and simple text, Nia buoyantly moves through her first day of school. It’s a happy adventure of unflappability young children will enjoy!

Ages: 2-5

Skin Deep: A Child’s Story

by Phyllis A. Russell-Gilmer

A journey from sadness to happiness, “Skin Deep: A Child’s Story” explores the many emotions a child with vitiligo may experience. With colorful illustrations and rhyming verses, this is a tale about self-esteem and recognizing your inner beauty.

Ages: 3-8

The Adventures of Scrappy the Cat

by Jacqueline Ridge

Completely black when born, Scrappy began to experience white spots on his fur when he was seven years old. As it turns out, Scrappy had vitiligo. This is a magical story of an extraordinary super cat that will have children laughing in delight.

Ages: 3-8 years

Lucy’s Umbrella

by Sara Madden

Beautifully illustrated with a wonderful message of acceptance, this is the story of one girl who finds beauty in the patterns of her skin and in nature. As Lucy strolls through her Seattle neighborhood, she exuberantly explores her surroundings. It’s a heart-warming and uplifting tale of friendship and seeing the extraordinary in the everyday.

Ages: 3-8

The Boy Behind the Face

by James McLeod

Having developed vitiligo as an infant, author James McLeod faced bullying and self-doubt growing up. “The Boy Behind The Face” highlights how he overcame insecurity to become his very own superhero. It is a story of perseverance in the face of bullying with powerful lessons of kindness and bravery.

Ages: 7+

I’ve Got Spots

by Danielle Wheeler

A heartwarming story of celebrating our differences, “I’ve Got Spots!” explores how a young girl learns to embrace her changing appearance with vitiligo. It is an encouraging tale to ‘help everyone feel a little more comfortable in their own skin’. The book even has its own upbeat song on Spotify.

Ages: 7+

Amiri’s Birthday Wish

by Florenza Denise Lee

With beautiful illustrations, “Amiri’s Birthday Wish” follows a young girl with vitiligo and her family as she celebrates her special day. While the book highlights her condition, it is not the main focus of the book. Rather, it explores the enjoyment of spending time with those you love. A charming story with an inclusive range of characters, it examines the endless possibilities for celebration.

Ages: 7+

Vitiligo Doesn’t Scare Me

by Kim Kirkland

A delightful book with soft watercolor illustrations, “Vitiligo Doesn’t Scare Me” not only covers the different aspects of the disease but also helps children learn how to deal with the condition. It is a wonderful resource for introducing vitiligo to those without the condition as well.

Ages: 2-12

How to Disappear Completely

by Ali Standish

For middle school readers, “How to Disappear Completely” explores the wonder of childhood and the lessons of growing maturity. At her grandmother’s funeral, Emma discovers her first vitiligo spot, ‘like a tiny bright moon’ on her foot. So unfolds a story of grief, loss, identity, and connection illuminated by otherworldly magic.

Ages: 8-12

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