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50 Positive Self-Affirmations for Those with Vitiligo

Living with vitiligo takes mental strength. At any moment, a rude comment, staring eyes, or even your own negative thoughts can tear you down and send your day into a downward spiral. It’s easy to come face-to-face with anxiety, negative self-talk, and depression. When this happens, it's up to you to pull yourself back up and find your courage again.

To help you face that moment, here is a list of positive self-affirmations to remind you of just how strong you are.

#1 I am more than the skin I’m in.

#2 I am strong enough to live with vitiligo because I already have.

#3 I choose happiness.

#4 I choose how to react to others.

#5 I am taking steps towards loving myself.

#6 I am allowed to struggle with vitiligo.

#7 I am worthy of self-love.

#8 Today is a good day because I choose to believe it.

#9 I will be hopeful of what tomorrow brings.

#10 I have the courage to smile at those that stare.

#11 I forgive those who stare, point, judge or bully me.

#12 I am tough.

#13 I control the thoughts in my head.

#14 I am allowed to have bad days – because tomorrow will be a better one.

#15 I can do this.

#16 Living with vitiligo is a chance to grow as a person.

#17 I have value and identity in things beyond my skin.

#18 I choose to turn my pain into purpose.

#19 I have the confidence to send good vibes into the world.

#20 I can live the life I want today.

#21 I am fearless.

#22 My vitiligo grounds me and helps me realize what is truly important in life.

#23 I turn my challenges into triumphs.

#24 I am strong enough.

#25 My life is up to me.

#26 My journey with vitiligo is a story of strength.

#27 I have the power to create change for the vitiligo community.

#28 I love who I am.

#29 I appreciate the journey I’m on.

#30 I will surround myself with people who bring positivity into my life.

#31 I will let positive thoughts influence my mind and actions.

#32 I can face tomorrow, no matter how my skin changes.

#33 I have the power to choose my next step.

#34 I deserve to be loved.

#35 I will lean into the things I love.

#36 I have a beauty that is more than skin-deep.

#37 I have courage and strength.

#38 I can find beauty in others.

#39 I can smile at my reflection.

#40 I am making the right decisions for myself as I deal with vitiligo.

#41 My skin is flawless.

#42 Every day is a step towards a better me.

#43 My skin makes me a stronger person.

#44 I create positivity in my life.

#45 I am bold, brilliant, and beautiful.

#46 There is no one definition of beauty.

#47 I can use this challenge to show the world what I’m made of.

#48 I belong to a community of others with vitiligo that supports me.

#49 I have the choice to believe what people say to me.

#50 I am stronger than the stares.

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